Typically after a session of massage I will provide you with the option of some remedial exercise. I explain where the tension is manifesting and why (the origin of the issue). Then I give you exercises to help strengthen or stretch the right muscles and demonstrate how to perform them.

For athletes or those wanting a more detailed record of the assessment I provide a What’s Going On sheet. This unpacks which muscles of yours are tight and the others they are in turn affecting. This detailed breakdown is useful for your own education or for a personal trainer or other massage therapist who is going to work with you.

Movment Bolt-on

£ 20

  • Massage techniques can alleviate problems that arise form excercise, stress, bad posture or injuries but it cannot address the root of these issues. This is why I'm complementing my massage services with targeted physical exercise to avoid these conditions re-arising.
  • As well as addressing the issue at its root it also empowers you to get to know your body better and take care of it in your own time.
  • Every massage session can be complemented with a 20 minute consultation to discuss specific excercises, tailor-designed for your body, lifestyle and needs.
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