Russian Sports

Developed in Russia in the mid 1940’s as a measurable way of enhancing recovery and performance in athletes. A comprehensive and very vigorous form of massage that relies on moving blood and lymph to the lymph nodes where toxins are filtered.

The body is divided into different quadrants or areas. The therapist creates a massage plan (protocol), for each client after accessing weight, body length, injuries and the causes to be targeted. Strokes are applied in a specific order, each for a calculated period of time. The strokes and the order applied are light, wringing, pushing, friction, vibration, tapping and then passive limb stretching.

RSM has been scientifically proven to increase muscle size, tone and recovery, speed up metabolism, increase joint mobility and reduce oedema. RSM is ideal for Warm -up or Cool down in athletes wanting to optimize performance and recovery.

Only appropriate if the clients immune system is fully functioning else it can detrimental.

90 Minute Massage

£ 90

  • Russian Sports Massage a particularly demanding technique, so it has its own pricing bracket.
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